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Sports Medicine

Foot Surgery Contemplated



I have a congenital cavovarus/equinovarus left foot due to a birth injury. I am 55 and female and in the past several years my foot has been gradually deteriorating, to the point that now I can no longer walk barefoot without enormous discomfort and significant limp and I must wear shoes built up with a lateral post to be able to walk normally.

The orthopedic surgeon wants to do a tibial tendon transfer, an osteotomy and either Achilles tendon or gastroc muscle lengthening. Everything I have read about this procedure suggests incredible postoperative pain and a high risk for tendon spasm and lasting stiffness in the foot. If I don`t have some type of surgery, my foot will continue to deteriorate. I have tried PT. I am in good health but 25 pounds overweight, some of which I plan to lose before my tentatively scheduled surgery. I am so torn---mostly about what the recovery will be like. Any thoughts?


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