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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Severe Pain During Stimulation: Cause?



I am a healthy 27 year old male with a long term girlfriend. A good job, a relatively good life and I am happy with what we have begun to build together.

I also suffer from severe eczema, ever since I was a child. It can flare up and cover my body with red sores that are violently itchy and uncomfortable. This has never previously been a problem. My sex drive and pleasure have never been hindered by it.

Recently, the eczema has flared up worse than it has ever been and I have suffered extreme discomfort, but another problem has come up. During regular touching and brushing against the penis, a dull throbbing comes up that builds into a serious pain if stimulation continues. Anything brushing against the testes brings up the dull pain, be it clothing, flesh, blankets or otherwise.

This is very frustrating for me and my partner, as we are used to daily sex, and being aroused all the time without being able to do anything about it is awful.

Is it something that has been damaged inside the penis? There is no scarring or cuts on the skin that is visible after several inspections and no sign of bruising or trauma. Would an ice pack or something similar help out? We are totally at a loss, as this has never been an issue ever.

Thank you for any advice and suggestions.


Your symptoms suggest a condition known as psoriasis. I suggest you see a dermatologist or allergist for an opinion.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
Formerly, Professor of Clinical Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati