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Lung diseases

Lung Function 28%



My mum is 60 years old (she looks 70) and has had numerous bouts of pneumonia requiring hospitalization - she has been trying to quit smoking and manages a week or two but then gets stressed and starts again - she has smoked anything from zero to 30 a day for the past 45 years. She is underweight and had scarlet fever as a child that did something to her heart but the doctor said that he wasn`t worried about that right now. About 2 months ago her wrist completely stopped working and she now only has the use of 1 hand - not sure if this is related or not - He hasn`t given her a specific diagnosis for her lung problems but she takes asthma meds, steroids and antibiotics (and other meds) daily. Her latest x-ray showed no improvement in her lungs (she is having physio and taking water tablets to try and get rid of the fluid) the bottom 3rd is very scarred - her latest tests said she had a 28% lung function...

What I really need to know is what could be actually wrong with her and how long do you think she will live?


Thank you for visiting NetWellness and for your question. You seem to have a very specific question about your mother's health that could only be answered by a health professional with knowledge of her specific case. A pulmonologist may be able to provide more details for you. It sounds like she has very severe COPD along with other health issues, and I hope you will find some additional general information about that diagnosis and life expectancy at the link below. 

Please accept our best wishes.   

Emphysema: Stages and Life Expectancy

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