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Women's Health

Bleeding Heavily for More Than 2 Weeks



My period started with light spotting on 06/04 friday and I got heavy bleeding on 07/07 monday and it continued till last week as I went to the Gynac and she prescribed me birth control pills for one month and Iron tablets. After taking the pills the flow has reduced but not completely stopped yet. Please help


Many issues can contribute to the amount of blood flow during a period.  Heavier blood flow can be due to a change in hormonal levels that trigger the period, a change in the structure of the uterus (for example, a new growth or tumor), or an infection or irritation of the uterus.  While a persistent change (that is, periods that are heavy or irregular month after month) can be a sign of a problem requiring a doctor's attention, women often have one irregular cycle that returns to normal on its own with no treatment.

When menstrual flow is heavy or irregular (and pregnancy is not an issue), birth control pills are often prescribed because they will both regulate the timing of the bleeding and cause the bleeding to be lighter.  However, it may take 2 or 3 months before the bleeding is well controlled, and light bleeding between periods during the first month is not unusual.

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Jonathan  A Schaffir, MD Jonathan A Schaffir, MD
Clnical Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University