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Athletic Training

How Do I Fix This and Prevent Further Injury?



I was at the gym jumping rope and came down on my left ankle. I had a sharp pain go up my foot into my ankle. It lasted for about 10 seconds and then went away, so I finished my class. The next week I went to Disneyland and walked on it a lot. I have pain anterior to my ankle that goes around to just below my lateral malleolus and that shoots down the outside of the bottom of my foo. The more I walk on it, the worse it feels. It feels a little bit weak in the morning but as the day goes on it gets to the point where I`m limping. I don`t know what to do and nothing seems to be helping. I`d really like to get back into my gym routine as quickly as possible and do it pain free. Should I continue taking care of it at home, or go see a physician? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!


Given the amount of time that this has been bothering you, it is probably time for your to see your physician.  You may need some further studies (x-ray, etc.) to determine the root of your problem.  Before you increase your physical activity, it is important that you are able to rule out a serious condition, such as a fracture. 

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