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Colon Cancer

Oncology Treatment of Colon Cancer



My aunt 56 yrs old is suffering from colon cancer with it`s metastasis to descending loop of intestine, liver. She is very cachaxietic and her general condition is poor. Doctor has told that surgery is not possible and she has only 6 months now (without chemotherapy). It may be a year if chemotheray is given. Considering the side effects of chemo and her general condition, we don`t want chemotherapy. So in such situation can targated therapy or immunotherapy help her? Please tell me the advantages disadvantages and side or adverse effect of targated therapy.


It is very unlikely that targeted therapy will have much of an effect on its own. Add to that that some of the targeted agents that have toxicities that are up to par with chemotherapy. Immunotherapy has never been shown to have a role in Colon cancer.

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Tanios   Bekaii-Saab, MD Tanios Bekaii-Saab, MD
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