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S Amlodipine



i am a 35yr old male,with hypertension.i have been placed on amlodipine (asomex 2.5)but the question is i am hepatitis b positive,i want to lnow if it has got side effects on my liver function.thank you


Amlodipine is a medication used to help lower blood pressure. There is a warning for using this medication in patients with liver impairment.  However, in patients with any type of liver injury/damage/dysfunction, the recommendation is to start on a lower initial dose and to monitor liver function tests while slowly titrating the dose upward to obtain proper blood pressure control. Thus, it appears that your physician is following appropriate precautions to avoid any potential affects on your liver function and will likely ask you to follow-up frequently to complete liver function tests. 

You can discuss any further concerns with your doctor, as he/she will be better able to address your questions when taking your hepatitis B status and any other health conditions into consideration.  Thank you for your question and I hope this information was helpful.

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