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Women's Health

Abnormal Menstural-like Bleeding



I have had period like bleeding since my period last month started aroud the 10th. That was normal. Then I started bleeding again two days later and it lasted about four days. Then on 31st I bled for most of the day and then it went away, and I started bleeding again a few minutes ago. I dont know what to think, or to do. Is my body changing? I did stop smoking about 19 days ago.


Although most women of reproductive age do have menstrual bleeding at regular intervals, it is not unusual to have one cycle that is somehow disrupted (for example by stress, illness, or other medications). This might mean extra bleeding through the month or skipping a period entirely. If the menstrual cycle returns to normal the following month and there are no other serious symptoms (pain, abnormal discharge, suspicion of pregnancy), an abnormal cycle does not usually have any medical significance. If, however, the problem is sustained or there are other such symptoms, then an examination by a medical professional is needed to identify why the bleeding is abnormal.

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Jonathan  A Schaffir, MD Jonathan A Schaffir, MD
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The Ohio State University