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Mouth Diseases

Orange Tongue Issue



My Fiance recently had a illness that required high doses of antibotics and now is experiencing the Orange Tongue issue. He has been eating yogurt to counteract the bacteria issue but it has not helped at this point. My question is when and will this clear up on it`s own? He has had it for about 3 weeks. thank you


Drs. Allen and Kumar have been asked similar questions with regards to “Orange tongue.” (see links below)
My questions and concerns are the following; how long were you on antibiotics? Were you on Ripanfin? How long have you been off your high dose antibiotics?

One possible explanation is that you have an over population of Rhodotorula fungal infection.This species is associated with orange/Red/coral isolates.This yeast is commonly found in air/ soil/ lakes/ and dairy product.

Rarely the etiologic agents of opportunistic mycoses in some hosts cases have been reported. (severe Immuno-compromised patients)

Susceptibility data is limited but the preferred treatment is Amphotericin, followed by fluconazole or itraconazole.
Microscopic examination presents with unicellular blastoconidia, pseudohyphae and hyphae absent. Differential diagnosis from Cryptococcus includes inability to assimilate inositol.

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