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Dental Anesthesia

Heavy Sedation on Children



Is it safe for a dentist to put a 4 yr old child, that weighs 23 lbs under extremly heavy sedstion for almost 4 hrs? My child was subject to this. Dentist said she needed only 1 pulpotomy and instead it turned out to be 3 1/2 hrs of 9 root canals and 3 or 4 caps on her teeth. Now my daughter is suffering from maybe, metabolic acidosis. Can this be linked to the heavy sedation she was under? Please help, need answers soon. Thank-you!


Thank you for your question. This is a hard question to answer, as I do not know what "heavy" sedation means. Also, the medical history and physical examination are not known.

A small 4 year old such as this may have been a premie or may have been a failure to thrive patient or may have some underlying medical condition.

There are many factors that must be weighed as to whether to sedate a child or adult in the dental office. I suggest you discuss this with your pediatric dentist to understand the criteria he or she used.

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Steven I Ganzberg, SB, DMD, MS Steven I Ganzberg, SB, DMD, MS
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