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Digestive Disorders

RUQ pain with a twist



I`m a 26 yr old female who has RUQ pain whenever I eat fatty foods. Sometimes its a sharp pain other times its a pulsing sensation. I have had a sonogram which was normal (gas obscured pancreas but no obstruction seen) and a HIDA scan w/ CCK, GB EF is 93%. My bloodwork came back normal as well as my amylase and lipase levels with the exception of my bilirubin.  In the past and most recent blood work I`ve had an elevated bilirubin. My question is could this RUQ pain be a result of something other than my Hyperdynamic GB?  If not is GB removal the answer?


Well, pain can always be possibly due to something else and unfortunately you will not know for sure until your gallbladder is removed. A hyperdynamic gallbladder can indeed cause pain that you describe.

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Annette  Kyprianou, MD Annette Kyprianou, MD
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