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Dental Hygiene

Oral and Jaw Pain



I have been having problems with the right side low back tooth, not the wisdom tooth the one right before it. So I ended up taking two antibiotics (Penicillin, and then Amoxicillin). And it still took a few days after those two medications before the pain went fully away. But now I have the same issue with the same tooth on the other side of my mouth.I noticed that this time it is mainly sticking to jaw pain. I have also noticed that in both cases I have had pus pockets show up. My question is other then going to the dentist, which I will do as soon as I get the money together to get each tooth removed. I know neither of the teeth are salvageable. What can I do now? With still only being less the a week since the last antibiotic.


You need to get to a dentist. When there is pus, there is infection, and the infection must be treated before it gets worse. If money is an issue, you could try going to the emergency department at a dental clinic where the fee would be much less.

Additionally, the links below have information about free or low cost medical and dental care for which you may qualify.
Free or Low Cost Health Coverage (Foundation for Health Coverage Education)
Medical and Dental Care without Insurance (US Department of Health and Human Resources)
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