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Urinary Disorders

Enterobacter aerogenes in urine



I have had three urine cultures in the past two months come back with the Enterobacter aerogenes bacteria 40,000 cfu`s. I have been treated with Levaquin but it does not go away. I have a history of kidney stones due to Crohn`s disease and had a kidney stent for two months after having a 2 cm stone and 3 cm stone removed in April and May. Yes, centimeters -- they were huge stones.

In 2007 I had a kidney infection that caused sepsis and was hospitlaized for several days and then had IV antibiotics for a month when I got home.

I have had a low grade fever for about two months now ranging from 99 to 99.9 and this past Sunday my left knee blew up with fluid. These are the same things that happened to me in 2007 prior to being hospitalized.

So what does this enterobacter aerogenes bacteria in my urine mean? My urologist says at 40,000 it is nothing to worry about until it gets to 100,000 and says I am resistent to the antibiotics and we should do nothing right now. That`s fine with me but I just do not want to go through what I did in 2007 with that infection.

Thanks for your help.


Suppression of bacterial count with existing antibiotic in urine may reduce the count. It is true that 40,000 count is not considered true infection. However, there are certain conditions which may contribute to persistent infection. In female, urethral diverticulum is the most missed diagnosed. Excessive post void residual urine also may cause the above and most importantly, fistula formation between GI and GU system may be the cause of persistent bacteriuria in victims with Crohn's disease.

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