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Kidney Diseases

Sharp stabbing pain in kidney area



I have a stabbing pain near my kidney area and I have no idea what it is. I`m 15 years old and this pain is so severe it makes me want to cry. What could be causing all of this?


There are a number of causes for pain in abdomen - these include gas pains, pain from the ovaries (if you are a girl), and appendicitis.  The diagnosis is made by having the patient describe the pain and examining the patient while he/she is having pain.  It would be best for you to tell your parents immediately, and have them take you to a doctor.  Be prepared to describe to the doctor:

Once the doctor listens to your story and examines you, they can order appropriate tests.  Good luck to you!   

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Mildred   Lam, MD Mildred Lam, MD
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