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Calcium Glucoheptonate



Hi there, I wonder if calcium citrate and calcium glucoheptonate can be used interchangeably to avoid osteoporosis? I found calcium glucoheptonate in a syrup form for fatigue due to lack of calcium, but it is used only for fatigue due to lack of calcium. Can I use calcium in combination with other vitamins in a multivitamin for replacement of calcium or is it only calcium glucoheptonate?


Calcium citrate provides 211mg of elemental calcium for every 1 gram. Calcium glucoheptonate (also known as calcium glueptate) provides 82mg of elemental calcium for every 1 gram. That does not necessarily make calcium citrate better, but you have to take more calcium glueptate to have an equivalent dose of elemental calcium.

Aside from the amount of elemental calcium provided, calcium salts can differ in the amount of calcium absorbed by the body, and tolerability of side effects (stomach upset, etc.). If you are experiencing fatigue due to low calcium, the form in which you replace calcium should not matter. If your other vitamins or multivitamins provide enough calcium, then you may not need additional supplementation with calcium glueptate.

I recommend checking the labels of the vitamin or multivitamin products you take, and speaking with your local pharmacist about whether you require additional calcium.

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