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Abnormal blood work



I have an abnormal bun/creatinine ratio of 32.9 and my sed rate is 52. What does this mean and what could be wrong? I am having pain over my entire body.


The ratio of bun/creatinine is not useful in answering your question. The creatinine is the most important blood test to determine renal function. If your creatinine is 0.8 mg/dl and your BUN is 26.4 then your ratio is 33. This is a normal creatinine. If your creatinine is 4 and your BUN is 132 your ratio is again 33 but your creatinine and therefore renal function is very abnormal. You do not provide enough information to determine why you are aching all over. You should have a physical exam to help determine this.

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Thomas   Zipp, MD Thomas Zipp, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University