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Digestive Disorders

Gastroesophageal Motility



A number of years ago I was diagnosed with slow gastric emptying and was taking Propulsid, which has since been taken off the market. What other medicines might help this condition, which for me comes and goes? Also, I am hypothyroid and we are attempting to get the right dosage of Synthroid. I have read a few studies which indicate that hypothyroidism prominently decreases gastroesophageal motility. Could you comment on this please. Also, I am hypoparathyroid and take 2000 mg. calcium citrate as well as .50mcg Calcitriol. Could this be affecting my digestive system? Thank you.


Reglan is only alternative currently for slow gastric emptying. Hypothyroidism could definitely affect your stomach and once that is under control, it should improve. Calcium supplements can cause constipation but should not affect digestion too much.

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