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Kidney Diseases

Results of a blood test/Microalb/Creat Ratio



Doctor I have been a diabetic for 8 years I just had a test for kidneys and I hope you could explain these results. About a month before the Test I hadstarted taking about 20 different supplements a day. Could these affect my test Bun-11 Creatinine serum-0.72 Bun-creatinine Ratio-15 albumin Serum-15 Bilirubin total-0.4 Creatinine Urine-15.3 MicroalBum U Random17.8 Microalb/Creatine Ratio-116.3 A1c-6 Triglycerides-360 HDL-34 LDL-80 total Cholesterol-186 some of the supplements are: B-complex, 1000 fish oil(3) times aday L-Carnitine-resveratol-Q-10 A,C,E 1000-D k-2 Magnesium-Selium Zink Kelp Biotin Curcumin Lithium Aspartate 5mg I am also on 160 Mg of Diovan and no Diabetes medicine I exercise daily and eat extra healthe lots of fresh veggies and fruit This test really worried me and I would greatly appreceiate your input on these test numbers. Thank You.


Think about this; if you add 20 different ingredients to your home cooked soup and ask which one made it taste good (or bad) how would you know?

Of the 20 supplements some could be helpful and some could be harmful. Since I don't have any labs from you prior to starting the supplements I have no way of knowing. Also, I don't know the quantity nor the purity of your supplements. Long term effects may not be known or predictable in any individual case.

In general I am very conservative about any supplement that is not FDA approved. That is, I tell my patients that I wish to know what they take for the record, but that I cannot agree to supplements that are not FDA approved and that if they continue, it is at their own risk. I know that other physicians take a different stance.

Please review this with you doctor.

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