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Kidney Diseases

Biochemical Report Query



Hii sir/Madam, below are the report of my biochemical examination. Could you please tell me whether these thing are within safe range or not? Urinary creatinine--81.5mg/dL; Micro-aluminia to creatinine ratio-62.5 mg/gm of creatinine.


A urine creatinine value alone doesn't mean anything, because it varies a lot, depending on how much water you drink.  The microalbumin/creatinine ratio should be less than 30, and a higher level such as yours suggests a very small amount of kidney damage, which allows protein to leak from the bloodstream into the urine.  This can be the very first sign of kidney damage from diabetes or other diseases such as hypertension.  At this stage, further damage can sometimes be prevented, or the damage may even be reversed, by appropriate management, including careful control of the diabetes and/or hypertension.  Be aware that your level is just a little above normal: a really bad ratio, for instance, would be greater than 3000.

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Mildred   Lam, MD Mildred Lam, MD
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