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Athletic Training




I have RA and had a major flare. Then when I went back to my walking I did too much, too fast, too soon. I am already on NSAID and Prednisone and stoped walk for a month with no help. I thought it was a shin splint. I went to my gp and he told me that I have doral flexor tendonitis on the top of my foot by my ankle. He is sending my to a physical therapist. Can you tell me about it and what other treatments are there?


Dorsiflexor tendonitis is an inflammation of the dorsiflexors tendons on the top of your foot. The physical therapist will be able to evaluate your problem, determine sources that may be aggravating your symptoms, and design a treatment plan that hopefully will get you on the road to recovery based on your individual needs.  Good Luck!

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Janine   Oman, MS, PT/ATC Janine Oman, MS, PT/ATC
Assistant Athletic Director
Instructor at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University