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What Kind of Doctor Examines Breasts?



I`m a 22 yr old girl.  Since 3 years I`ve been noticing that my right breast is larger than the other.  I also have a lump in my right breast that pains when it is touched.  By doing some meditation called Reiki I feel the size of the lump has reduced.  Can the lump be the reason for unequal breasts? Please tell me some exercises to equalize both my breasts.  I`m very worried.  My right breast is a size D.  The right breast goes on increaseing, but the left seems stagnant.  There is almost 2 inches in difference.  What kind of doctor should I see about this?


First of all, congratulations of being very aware of your body and taking active steps to keep yourself well. It is not uncommon for a woman to have unequal size breasts and to have one breast that is a cup size larger than the other. The actual amount of breast tissue is about the same for all women regardless of the size of the breast- it has to do with the number and size of fat cells that are in the breast that determines the actual size. Some have more than others. However, if there is a lump in your breast that is large enough to influence the size of your breast, this is concerning.

You need to have a provider do a professional examination and decide if there is the need to do tests to determine the nature of the breast mass. One of the reasons that I am so enthusiastic about complimentary techniques is that any one technique can support the use of others, and that a combination of approaches is often more effective than just one. So, while I would support the continuation of your meditation, it is also very important for you to use the expertise of the other health professionals to assure that you are getting the optimal treatment you deserve. Hope this helps. All the best.

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