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Athletic Training

Tibia and Calf Bruise/Pain



Playing soccer, another player`s knee and full weight came down on the inside of my shin guard about six inches below the knee. My calf hurt most, but now six days later that calf doesn`t hurt but it is bruised and the inside of the tibia is really sore to the touch. No problem being on my tippy-toes now, but at first I limped for two days. Now, though, when running I seem to have pain on the bone, not the muscle? Okay to play soccer tomorrow, and what might this be?


Any bone pain should be examined by a physician to rule out a fracture. It is important to determine whether the bony pain is bruising or a potential fracture. Please see your physician for a complete evaluation. Good Luck!

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Angela Justina Beisner, MA, AC Angela Justina Beisner, MA, AC
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