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Mouth Diseases

Mouth Problem



My skin color of inside the mouth is going blue and some porstion is likly resty surface


Blue coloration can be normal for the mouth if you are cyanotic, just had grape Nehi or are describing the ventral surface of the tongue. It would be helpful if you could clarify where in your mouth the blue coloration is.

Secondly, by “resty” do you mean rusty?

My routine answer is “You probably need to have this evaluated by your primary care provider or dentist." Some oral mucosal discoloration can be the result of normal pigmentation (melanin) than can appear brown rusty red; dark blue /black lesions need to be immediately evaluated to rule out melanoma. Occasionally, silver fillings can corrode or find their way into the surrounding gum tissues and discolor the tissue with a gray blue coloration.

The ventral surface of tongue blue /purple coloration is the result of veins in the tongue approximating the surface and the dark venous blood color showing through the tissue.

I hope this is somewhat helpful.

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Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD Richard J Jurevic, DDS, PhD
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