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Why Am I Having Pain in My Breast?



i am 25 yrs old girl & married bt i have no kids and i am suffering from breast pain. breast pain does not regularly it does only in periods time or my periods is not on regular its come on 10 to 15 days late and till then i have to suffer breast pain. when my periods comes then it reduce slowly slowly bt contains miner pain. i had checked from specialist doctor bt she told me that there is no symptoms of breast cancer. there is hormons problem. then doctor you tell me what should i do & how i can free my breast pain?? plz help me……..


It sounds like this is really interfering with your life. First, it’s very important for you to be sure that you have the right bra. If your bra is not fitting well and doesn’t give you the support you need, it can cause breast pain that is not related to your menstrual period. Please be sure that you get some help from a reliable store to get fitted properly. 

Second, how much caffeine do you drink? If you drink lots of iced tea, cola (either diet or regular) Mountain Dew or coffee (either hot or cold) it can cause lots of breast pain. 
Third, when was the last time you had a breast exam from a provider? It’s important to find out if you have cysts in your breast that can also cause pain. If your periods are very irregular, you need to have an exam from a provider to determine how to treat so that you can feel better. Another over the counter strategy is to take ibuprofen when you have the breast pain. Two over the counter tablets every six hours with food should help. Hope things get better for you.

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