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Kidney Diseases

Understanding Lab Tests - values and units



October 2010 results: Microalbumin/DL value of 19.4 mg/dl with a range of 0.0-1.8 (High) U MA/CREA value of 148 mg/g with a range of 0-29 (High) HGB A1C of 5.7, Lipid Panel normal, Blood pressure 120/70; compared to results in December 2009: Microalbumin/DL of 3.4 and U MA/CREA of 12.

If these recent tests indicate protein in my urine, an early sign of diabetic kidney damage, is it possible that consuming RAW Protein powder on a daily basis could possibly have been a factor? What else could it be?


No, the raw protein powder should have nothing to do with the urine results or with diabetic kidney damage.  The factors that seem to lead to kidney damage in diabetics are: poor control of blood sugars, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, and probably obesity.  The first two are the most important.  Since you are at the stage of very early signs of kidney damage, good control of the diabetes and hypertension likely can prevent further damage. Also, at this early stage, many doctors will choose to treat the patient with an ACE inhibitor or an angiotensin-receptor blocker, which is usually used for blood pressure but can also be used to reduce protein excretion (examples of these meds include lisinopril, quinapril, losartan, valsartan). 

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