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Lung diseases

A Crackle in My Lung?



Hello, I`m 37 years old and have shortness of breath for 10 years. No wheezing, just air hunger feeling.

For the last three years after having a cold, I`ve had a crackling in my right lower lung after waking up in the morning. I can only feel it in my back. It hasn`t been persistent until a month ago.

I had an xray earlier this year which showed nothing, but after this last cold a month ago, this crackling is every morning. It lasts just a few breaths and then goes away. Most noticeable when I bend over. It is definitely not a wheeze and the only info I can find is CHF. Are there other possibilties?



Bronchiectasis (scarring of the breathing tube) would be high on my list. This can only be seen on a chest CT scan.

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Jeff E Weiland, MD Jeff E Weiland, MD
Associate Professor - Clinical
OSU Asthma Center
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University