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Can Breast Milk Produce A Cyst or A Lump?



My first time to give birth, I give breast milk for 2 yrs and stop when my son is 2 yrs old. Now that my son stop taking breast milk, he`s going 3 yrs old now, I noticed that there is a round, small lump near my nipple, and my breasts still have milk. I`m worried about it and scared this will become cancer. What will I do?


It’s not unusual to have a blocked milk duct. I suggest you see your provider to have the lump looked at so that the reason you have the lump can be determined. The more you stimulate the breasts, even if the baby isn’t suckling, you will still produce milk. Wearing a supportive bra, not stimulating your breasts either with sexual activity or by rubbing the nipples will help to gradually decrease the production of milk. Hope this helps.

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