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Eye and Vision Care

Yellowish/Reddish Blood Vessels in Eye



The white in my eyes are many blood vessels and they have a tinge of yellowish and reddish color. (only in front of the eye)

But on the upper part of my eyes is normal, the whites are clear but there are also some blood vessels..

PLS HELP ME. I ALWAYS DROP TETRAHYDROZOLINE (HCI)red eye formulation it lessen the reddish/yellow color in a short period of time..



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There are several reasons why the superficial vessels of the white part of the eye (the conjunctiva) can become red. Allergies, infection, dry eye, or general inflammation can cause the eyes to become red and irritated. A common condition that may lead to eye redness is pinguecula formation, which is an abnormal, but usually benign, growth caused by chronic UV exposure from the sunlight. The pinguecula appears as a yellowish, raised area that may become red or inflamed.

It may be helpful to discontinue the current eye drop you are using. While okay to use on an occasional basis, sometimes the drop may actually cause the eye to become more red if used to much.

I recommend scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor, who would be better able to discuss your actual condition and discuss possible treatment options.

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Julia Rae Geldis, OD, MS Julia Rae Geldis, OD, MS
Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University