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What Do Aching Muscles Signify in Diabetics?



My husband has Diabetes type 2-has had it for a while. His sugar has been high. But my q is-in the last 2 weeks- he has had a problem with aching muscles from the neck down-every early morning when sleeping-hurts so bad-that he has to stay in one position and sleep there-until he gets up out of bed. He hasn`t been to the Dr. yet- has a appt. later this month. Could this be related to his sugar?


It is hard to say whether the aching muscles are due to high blood sugars/uncontrolled diabetes. There are potentially many possible causes for muscle pain. It is good he has an appointment to see his doctor this month; his doctor can investigate what is causing the pain and how to treat it so he can get some relief. His doctor will likely also look at how your husband is managing his diabetes such as how well any medicine he takes is working, what his meal plan is, what his daily physical activity is, etc. If your husband has not met with a diabetes educator recently, you may want to discuss a referral with the doctor.

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