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Lung diseases

Lung Nodules



My husband has always been one to clear his throat and cough occassionaly but in the last two months his cough has been more persistant. He does not cough however when he is asleep. He has went to the Dr. and they tried steroids then they had him on an antibodic and nothing worked. So they gave him Advair w/an albuterol inhaler. His voice would change some on the Advair...never completely go away but would go back and forth. They have just done a CT and PFT. The PFT came back ok but the CT showed several non calcified nodules in both lungs. The largest being 8mm. He is not a smoker and is 56 years old. He was however raised in a home birth -18 with smokers. He also use to work at a dynamite plant and was exposed to a lot of aluminum dust. This was over 25 year ago. He currently works on medical equipment. We are to see a pulmonary doctor but I am just on pins and needles as to what the statistics say this sounds like. I am hoping they can scope his airway and get samples. Also with it being in both lungs can it just be scarring from previous exposures. We live in southern Ohio and he has not had fever etc. but could it be granulomas? Not sure if I have that spelled right. If it is lung cancer with the nodules being that size is he a good candidate for them removing them with the scope. Or is it more likely it has spread from somewhere else. He has not lost weight or had any other symptoms other than a cough. Please do not hesitate to give an honest opinion.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  This question is way beyond what we can deal with here. However, you are doing the right thing in seeing a pulmonary specialist.  To make life a little more tolerable until you do, the great likelihood is that these nodules are old granulomas.   

Best wishes.

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