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Urinary Tract Cancers

Is Painful & Difficult Peeing Post-op Normal?



I am male, 62 yrs, weigh 175 lbs, and fairly active. Several years ago I was diagnosed with BPH and have since been on medication (Alfuzosin 10mg and more recently Dutasteride as well). I had TURBT surgery 2 weeks ago to remove a bladder tumour which was discovered during a cystoscopy to check on possible restriction of the urethra. No restriction, apart from the narrowing due to the enlarged prostate, was found. Since the operation, I have experienced quite severe pain and discomfort when passing urine and can pass only small amounts; typically 100ml or less, mostly in droplets or a very intermittent broken thin stream. The urine appears normal with no sign of infection. Prior to the operation, any pain experienced usually reduced as the urine passed, but now the pain persists right through to the end. It's absolute torture. It seems to be related to the pressure on the bladder rather than the burning I experienced immediately after the cystoscopy and TURBT. Straining tends to cause the flow to reduce or stop altogether. Can I expect things to improve or should I seek early consultation or stronger medication?. I`m not due to see the consultant for about 2 months after a course a chemotherapy for the tumor.


You should conctact your urologist immediately if these symptoms have not improved. You may not be completely emptying your bladder some discomfort is normal after the procedure, but if it is more difficult to urinate, you should see your doctor. He can check a urine for infection and ensure you are emptying the bladder by ultrasound.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
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