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Sports Medicine

What is the meaning of this?



MRI showed small interosseous cyst left femoral metaphysis. What is the meaning of this and what is the treatment.


"Interosseous" means "between bone", whereas "intra-osseous" means "within bone." Most likely, the appropriate word here would be "intraosseous", since the cyst would then be within - rather than outside - bone. "Left femoral metaphysis" means a specific region within the left thigh bone (femur)... "diaphysis" means shaft of a long bone (like the femur), "epiphysis" means the end of a bone, and "metaphysis" refers to the bone region between these two, where the bone shaft flares toward its end.

The best treatment for this "cyst" depends on the type of cyst, which could range from no treatment for a cyst which is incidental and without any symptoms, to a biopsy or other surgical procedure if the cyst's location endangers the bone's structural integrity or if its nature is uncertain and needs to be clarified.

You are strongly encouraged to direct your questions to the physician who ordered the MRI scan.

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