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Sports Medicine

Osgood-schlatter Disease



I am 22 years old.I dance latin and ballroom dances12 years already. First I noticed knee pain after my classes about 3 years ago, but didn`t pay much attention to it because it was not so severe. It didn`t hurt so much when dancing and after rest the pain went away. But now the pain begins after long walks too and when I walk on high heels for several hours. A year ago I went to the Sports Medicine doctor and after examining my knee she said it was Osgood-shchlatter disease, but it was already too late to treat because I was 21. There are bony lumps on the shinbones bilateraly. I don`t know what to do. This pain doesn`t seem to go away. I can`t even walk for 15minutes and my knees begin to hurt. What can you advice me to do? What is the reason for this pain and what can be done for it to stop. As I read the pain should have gone away after several years from trauma that caused Osgood-shchlatter disease, but it has not. It has become chronic and reminds me itself every now and than. Thanks so much for your time.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. A number of questions similar to yours have been previously addressed. Performing a search of the NetWellness website using the term "Osgood-Schlรคtter" currently yields several results (see link below). Feel free to write back if you still have questions or need an explanation after reviewing all of this information.

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