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Vascular Surgery

False Stroke Symptom



My right carotid is 60% blocked. Three days ago I experienced what appeared to be a stroke. I had been reaching high over my head to unpin some dryed woven fabric. About 30 seconds after rmoving the pins I experienced extreme dizzyness,very weak legs, more so in the right leg. Following an MRI and ultra sound of the heart and carotids I was told that I hadn`t had a stroke but a decrease of blood to the brain caused by raising my arms.

Is i possible that by raising the arms that high I closed of the carotid for a brief period?


This seems more related to the vertebral arteries rather than the carotids, but the carotid disease will need followed by a vascular surgeon. 

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Jean  E Starr, MD Jean E Starr, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University