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Eye and Vision Care

Eye Hemorrhage



I am 32yrs. old I have had what I thought was just floater`s in my right eye for a number of years now.Until one day my sight became very limited,and I could see what looked liked blood in the form of the floater(the best way I an describe it.)I went to my rentinol specialists he said my eye was hemorrhaging,and that it was more common among diabetics or people with high blood pressure I am neither. He also said that it should subside in a couple of months.Well in the mean time I lost my insurance,but needless to say I do have it back now about a year later.My eye has not gotten better,while I was at the neurologist going over some test result`s she told me I had a bleeding vein on the right side of my brain.She ordered another MRI with contrast this time,but because of my type of insurance I have to wait for an approval.PLEASE can you give me any sense of direction on what this means for my eye and brain?


Wow, you need to have your family physician examine you and order lab tests for blood clotting disorders. It is true that diabetes and hypertension can cause bleeding in the back of the eyes; but these are not the only two medical diseases that can cause retinal hemorrhaging. Other possibilities include trauma, low-pressure glaucoma, anemia, leukemia and, (in women) oral contraceptives.

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