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Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects

Need Help, Something Wrong With My Elbows



I have been working out for a year and a half. Basically since august of last year. This march I started getting pains in both my elbows so i took the week off from lifting. The next week I returned with no problem. Then, about 2 months later, it came back and I`d really feel it when I was scrubbing something. Took that week off from lifting. The next week I done p90x program, and after the third week my elbows and forearms were in agony. I went and seen my doc, and he said I had tennis elbow and gave me cream to put on it. I waited til the pain fully subsided (month and a half), then started gradually working my way into weight lifting and I was fine. Got in weight training class at school, and we had to max out on bench press and incline bench press, and my forearms were bothering me basically like golfer`s elbow, tennis elbow, and on the back where my elbow joint is. I went to the doc again and he said I think it`s just inflamation in the tendons and ligaments around your elbow from maxing out. He gave my a strong anti-inflamatory and I took 2 weeks off. Started back and I was fine. The next month it hurt a little but I babyed it and it was fine in a week or two. Then I decided to do a small workout plan and I was doing ok but I started getting pains like I had tricep tendonitis. I worked around it a little bit. Now we come to december 20th. I done that small workout, but added on to it with about 3 more exercises. These exercises were high intensity and maybe caused my forearm to overwork cause they`ve been hurtin since. That was Monday. Thursday the 23rd I done a small workout, and it was very successful as far as muscle pump goes, but the pain came back in several hours and has been bothering me since. The pain is in my forearms (like tennis elbow, slightly maybe golfers elbow but not much, in my elbow joint, and slightly below the elbow joint, and also where tricep tendonitis would be). Today is the 27th and the pain isnt going away or dying down too fast. I`ve been working a job since October that has me painting and scrubbing and sanding things down etc. and someone told me I was getting tendonitis from that, but I have pain in too many places for it to be tendonitis that I think. Another man told me just yesterday that he thought I have birth defect in my elbows and I needed to see an elbow joint specialist and maybe have surgery for reconstruction. I really need a specialists help because I`m really afraid. I don`t have money to do surgery and my dad will blame my elbows on working out and say that the job he`s having me do has nothing to do with it, and I need help fast. Please help.


I am not able to provide you with any additional information. Because you keep having reoccurring problems, I would also recommend that you see an orthopedic specialist (someone who specializes in bones and joint problems). Good luck!

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Anne   Matthews, RN, PhD Anne Matthews, RN, PhD
Associate Professor of Genetics
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University