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Pharmacy and Medications

Treatment for Tardive Dyskinesia Side Effects



I developed Tardive Dyskenisia and Dystonia 7 years ago from treatment for depression med withdrawal. For years I was treated with Parkinson`s medications, muscle relaxers, cogentin, artane, seizure meds such as Neurontin and Dilantin, and neuroleptics like Seroquel, Abilify. I can no longer read very well, when I write or speak it is very disorganized. I have heard that I am now schizophrenic. I was not before, only depressed after a from husband`s death and treated with anti-depressants and an adjunct medication. Could all the medications I have taken over the years have changed my brain chemistry and created psychosis or schizophrenia. Even my typing is all confused and I have to type very slow not to have scrambled letters and words. I don`t hear or think very well and I cannot add numbers or focus much of the time. At present I only take an anti-anxiety medication. Please let me know if years of treatment has altered my brain chemistry and if I could now become schizophrenic in my late 50`s. thank you.


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