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Sports Medicine

Wrist Pain




Please i shall be very thankful if i get any help in my problem.

I am struggling with Wrist pain from long time. My studies and job is related to Computer and i used computer a lot.

I am feeling a lot pain in wrist sprain. I felt the pain in 2005 for the first time. I never had any accident to my right hand where i am feeling pain. It contacted the doctor and they did my X-Ray and every thing was fine and they said that may be due to more use of computer. They suggested some hand exercise which i used to do time to time when i felt pain. My pain started increasing in March 2010 and till now its been 10 months that its really sevior.

I had my MRI 8 months and the arthopedics doctor told me that he can see some bright spots on my wrist which shows that you have inflammation and he gave anti inflammatory medicine for 3 months. I took the medicine for around 2 months but i never felt any relief. I moved to couple of surgeon and they suggested the same kind of medicine. Than i went to another surgeon and he did my Biopsy to see that is there any infection or cancer but the reports are fine.

Now some times i feel the similar kind of pain on left hand. I was to another Hand specialist last week and he told me that there is nothing broken in the wrist or hand and may be wrist sprain veins are swelling. He suggest 2 hours work, wrist brace, medicine.

I am not feeling any relief from last 8 months and they cant diagnose it in a fine manner.

Please suggest/help me what to do?

I shall be very very thankful to you.



Although your inquiry does not appear to be about a sports-related injury or issue, perhaps the following may be of some benefit:

The best treatment for a medical condition is based on an accurate diagnosis, which it sounds like you may not have yet been given.
Pain in the wrist/hand may or may not be coming from the wrist/hand. That is, pain can be referred to the wrist/hand from elsewhere, such as from the elbow, shoulder or neck.
On the other hand, despite wrist or hand X-rays or MRI scans not necessarily showing a definite cause for pain, pain could still be coming from the wrist/hand. (That is, X-rays, MRI scans, or other diagnostic testing does not show pain per se, but instead identifies potential sources of pain).

If your pain is coming from your wrist/hand, a course of Physical or Occupational Therapy - several sessions minimum - may help a great deal. This would typically include recommendations for improved ergonomics. That is, more biomechanically favorable ways to use and position your wrists/hands.

If there are no further plans or recommendations regarding further evaluation and treatment options from the physicians with whom you've already consulted, and if you've not already done so, consider consulting with a nonsurgical musculoskeletal physician specialist such as a physiatrist (PM&R physician).

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University