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Is Ramipril a Diabetic Medication?



My MD has just diagnosed me as a type II diabatic. He has perscribed Ramipril 5 MG Capsule to be taken once a day. When I googled this drug all the information refers to heart conditions. Am I missing something, or did he miss-prescribe?


Your physician is actually practicing GREAT medicine! Although you are correct in that Ramipril is used to help the heart, it also has an important function of protecting the kidneys in those with type 2 diabetes. Even if a person doesn’t have hypertension (another use of the medication), it is recommended that someone with diabetes take a low dosage of an ACE-inhibitor, like Ramipril. It would be wise to have your blood checked in 2-4 weeks to make sure your kidneys (and potassium) tolerate this medication. If you haven’t visited it yet, the American Diabetes Association┬áhas put together a wonderful web site to help you with your diabetes.

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