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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

8 yr old w/ Sore Throat & 2 Bumps on Uvula



My 8 year son started out with ear pain and a sore throat 2 weeks ago. He has swollen glands on his neck. He also had red eyes with some discharge that only lasted 4 days. The ears have gotten better, but the throat continues to cause on and off pain with swallowing. Today, I looked with a flashlight and everything is pretty swollen, including the uvula. Right above the uvula he has two bumps (swollen glands?). We pay all bills out of pocket, and wondering if I need him to see a dr, or if this is just a cold that needs to run it`s course?


Most viruses or colds usually last 5-10 days, so it is difficult to explain his continued sore throat.  As long as he is not running a fever, is not having any noisy breathing or difficulty breathing, and as long as he can tolerate a regular diet, it is probably not serious.  However, if his symptoms continue it would be prudent to have him see his doctor.

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Allen M Seiden, MD Allen M Seiden, MD
Professor of Otolaryngology, Director of Division of Rhinology and Sinus Disorders, Director of University Taste and Smell Center, Director of University Sinus and Allergy
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