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Lung diseases

About My Chest PA



Hi when i undergo chest x-ray these are the radiologic report ...suspicious infiltrates noted in both upper lung zones. ...suggest Apicolordotic view ...the left hilar node is elevated. ...heart is not enlarged.

im worried if iam sick does it will affect my work? what do you mean by these report?


When a radiologist notes the presence of "infiltrates" on a CXR, they are describing a non specific pattern of abnormalities that are generally not normal. There are many potential causes of infiltrates on a CXR such as infections, scars, and even some cancers. As with most medical tests, in order to determine what the cause of the abnormality is, the person needs a complete examination and may need to have additional testing, such as specific types of CXR images "apicolordotic view" or even different tests such as chest CT scan, which is a more advanced test and results in better pictures of the lungs to help determine what is causing these abnormalities. A pulmonary specialist is generally the one who would do such an examination.

Hilar nodes are lymph nodes located next to the lungs. The position of the nodes, "elevated", can be also due to many things and may just be normal for some folks. Once again a complete and thorough examination by a pulmonary specialist is recommended to assist with figuring out what is causing this finding on the CXR.

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