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Athletic Training

Elbow Popping



I`ve recently noticed a slight popping in medial posterior portion my left elbow when doing pushups. It feels more like a tenon, or nerve pop than joint. I`ve tried changing hand/arm position with no noticeable difference. I did dislocate my left humerous back in 2001. I`ve only noticed the popping during pushups, not during dips or benchpress. Is there anything I can do to counter this popping or should I seek the assistance of my local doc?


Changing your hand placement or positioning during pushups (i.e. palms on the ground vs. closed fist on your knuckles vs. gripping pushup handles) may provide relief as well as changing the angle of your torso during pushups (inclined vs. declined pushups). If you are unsuccessful with these modifications I would recommend seeing a physician to determine the cause of the "popping" so it can be treated appropriately. 

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Mike  Sypniak, MS, ATC Mike Sypniak, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University