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Speech Stimulation Techniques



What is the difference between the speech stimulation techniques of prompting vs. cueing? 





These terms are often used interchangeably. However, some people suggest prompting refers to direct efforts to guide a person (such as touching him/her to provide a response). We talk about fading cues/prompts or reducing the intensity and frequency of the prompting over time until the target behavior (in this case more language) occurs spontaneously in the child’s natural environment with no need for cues/prompts.

When a child is learning to talk, we use these strategies to expand the child’s current skill set or in this case his/her language. We want the child to do more than he/she is currently doing, for example: if the child says “cookie” we would cue him by saying, “big cookie” and wait for him/her to repeat the expanded utterance. In this way we can grow the child’s language skills.


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Paula C Rabidoux, PhD/CCC-SLP Paula C Rabidoux, PhD/CCC-SLP
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Clinical Associate Professor of Speech & Hearing
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
The Ohio State University