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Women's Health

Thickening of Uterus Wall



Its for my mom ,she is 48 now.Before one month hb is 5.8 due to this she had 3 bottles of blood.By a UV scan it is found that her wall thickness is about 3 times more. so that she had a D&C.After it there is small bleeding is seeing inregulerly.so that whether we want take the uterus awayOR why it is happening.


When a woman's menstrual periods are very heavy, her blood count (hemoglobin or Hgb) can be severely reduced, making her anemic with feelings of fatigue and lightheadedness.  When this situation gets to the point of requiring blood transfusion, as it did with your mother, it generally requires intervention.  This can take the form of medication, surgery (ablation or burning the uterine lining, or hysterectomy), or embolization (a procedure that blocks the blood flowing to the uterus).

While any of these options are appropriate for a benign condition such as fibroids, only the hysterectomy is appropriate if there is cancer or a condition that is likely to become cancer.  A thickened endometrial lining could be a sign of such a problem, so the D&C is necessary to obtain tissue from the inside of the uterus to make the determination of whether further surgery will be necessary.

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