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Pregnacy 48 age with Invitro



My wife is 48 years old and wants to have a baby, her tubes were tide in 1993, and she wants In Vitro implant. (recommended is from Shady Grove Fertility).She had a MOCK and HSG test with them and was told she has scar tissue, and needs to be fixed to guarantee a pregnancy.Do we need to do that? If scar tissue is damage from her previous birth this can`t help . Many woman birth with C section and they have tissue-that is not a problem for a normal pregnancy. My wife is very healthy (ovulation is on time) and she cleans her system regularly. Please help us- what we need to do. Or may be is better to fix her tubes.Thank you!


The most effective way to achieve pregnancy for a 48-year-old woman is in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs. With donor eggs, more than 50% of women would be expected to become pregnant each cycles. Pregnancy is rare at this age without donor eggs. If scar tissue is present within the uterus, IVF pregnancy rates are reduced. The amount of reduction is related to the amount of scar tissue. Removing the scar tissue is likely to increase the pregnancy rates, hopefully back to the rates of those without scar tissue. Since Donor egg IVF is so expensive, most IVF programs would hesitate to put your wife through a cycle without removing the scar tissue first.

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