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Monarc Mesh Protruding



I had a monarch mesh implant 5 years ago same time a s hyst. Did well for abour 4 years. Now pain, pinching, spotting small of blood. Doctor excised a piece of the mesh, and told me I was fine, but symptoms persist. He told me my new problem of incontinence and urgency, and accidents was my fault because I am obese. I weigh no more than 5 years ago when he did the surgery, so what is different? I feel embarrassed to go back, but am worried. Also the excision of the mesh in office was very painful. He didn`t think it should have been, and he even he used lidocaine in my insides.


Although morbid obesity may influence the result of anti-inontinence procedure but another reason could be erosion of the mesh. We usually recommend if the mesh is exposed to remove it under general anesthesia. I think you should have more investigation to see if the mesh is truly what is causing the bleeding, and if so, it needs to be removed and later another anti incontinence procedure to be done.

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