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Children's Health

Red hot ears.



Our daughter is 18 and in very good health. She is a cheerleader. This evening, 02/24, prior to a basketball game she said her ears got very red and hot, red blotches or rash appears under her wrist and on her leg and a rash appeared down both sides of her neck. What could this be and what may cause it?

Thank you.


Rashes can be linked to many factors, such as an infectious process or an allergic, hive- like reaction. Did she have a fever (100.5 or higher) at the time? Had she just gone out for dinner and eaten a food substance to which she might be allergic or applied a new perfume or wore a sweater washed in a new soap? Had she taken any new medication? Did she tell you if she was especially nervous or excited for that evening's game? All these factors could be contributors to her rash. If she had a fever, it would be especially wise to contact her physician.

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Marcia   Hern, RN, EdD Marcia Hern, RN, EdD
College of Nursing
University of Cincinnati