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Knee Injury



what is a grade 3 acl and a grade 2 mcl injury


Ligament injuries are graded 1 through 3:

·         Grade 1 means microscopic fiber disruption but no increase in ligament length.

·         Grade 2 is more severe, and refers to more extensive ligament fiber disruption with increased ligament length and less joint stability as a result.

·         Grade 3 refers to complete disruption of a ligament with complete loss of function.

“ACL” is the abbreviation for the “anterior cruciate ligament” in the knee, which is located in the center of the knee and has many functions, the primary one of which is to limit backward motion of the femur (thigh bone) on the tibia (shin bone), or looked at in another way, the ACL limits forward motion of the tibia from beneath the femur.

“MCL” is the abbreviation for “medial collateral ligament”… in the knee, the MCL is located along the medial (inner) side of the knee, and limits inward angulation of the knee (for example, it limits the knee from going toward a “knock-knee” position).


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