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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Concerns



my microalbumin conc ur lab results: 2.47 mg/dl my creatinine : 169 mg/dl my microalbumin/creatinine ratio: 15 mg/g

When comparing the amount of protein leakage to waste in the urine, it would seem that I am ok?....Yes high level of protein but is that out of bounds with the high level of waste?


I am not clear as to the units you used to describe your test results. I will repeat them and then comment. You state that your creatinine is 2.47mg/dl. I assume this is a blood test result. If that is correct then you renal function is not normal. You state that your urine microalbumin/creatinine ratio is 15mg/g. This is not elevated. You note a value of 169mg/dl. If this is urine then it is elevated. Please clarify if this reading of your labs is incorrect.

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Thomas   Zipp, MD Thomas Zipp, MD
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Case Western Reserve University