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My 8 yr Old Grandson and Bowel Control



Although my grandson has not been diagnosed, we are beginning to suspect Aspergers Syndrom. He has always had issues with bowl and urinary control, although my daughter has had him examined by his MD, he seems to think it is behavioral. His patents have recently split up and there are now a lot of emotional issues involved. His Mom has made counseling appts for him. Is there a connection between Aspergers and lack of bathroon control?


Asperger's Disorder is one of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Although there are many children with ASD who have toileting difficulties, most of them with toileting difficulties have delays in intellectual and adaptive functioning that are not seen in Asperger's disorder (mental retardation or intellectual disability precludes an Asperger's Disorder diagnosis). Regardless of the diagnosis, behavioral interventions have a very good track record with toileting difficulties. They are appropriate once medical etiologies have been ruled out. I encourage you to contact a mental health professional with experience in these issues (probably a child psychologist). 

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